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Can a Digital Marketing career offer me financial security?

That’s a terrific question. It’s impossible to  answer it (truthfully) by a simple Yes or No.

What I’d like to do is offer your some valid information, available in public domain from a trusted source, Wikipedia.

After you read this, I’m pretty sure you’ll answer the question above, yourself. Your career decision is always a serious decision, so here goes:

In 2016 the Indian eCommerce industry will be greater than Rs. 1,07,800 crores.

Read about E-commerce In India
– Market size / growth section Wikipedia – E-commerce in India.

Without using sound Digital Marketing strategies, it’s impossible for corporates and entrepreneurs to sustain such awesome growth, year on year.

Today, eCommerce site visitors, are incredibly well informed. They find crappy content insufferable, and have little or no brand loyalty.

Corporates, Entrepreneurs, NGOs and a plethora of Internet businesses need digital marketing skills to thrive.

They are willing to pay great salaries, and offer exciting, dynamic, work places to retain and grow measurably talented people.

Shouldn’t You! be part of such a thriving, rapidly expanding, fertile niche?

Wouldn’t this fertile, rapidly expanding, well paying niche, be a great place to build your career?

DMTM offers unmatched digital marketing training to individuals and digital agencies.

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Becoming a sought after digital marketing specialist is not rocket science.

Digital marketing requires a thorough understanding of your target market. Knowing exactly how to engage them. A pinch of common sense.

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