9 Optimization Tips For Social Media Marketing

There are a ton of companies today who spend a fair amount of money executing both paid and organic social media strategies.  These strategies are either being defined by an in-house digital marketing team or by a digital marketing house to which such work has been sub-contracted.  Here are 9 optimization tips for social media marketing that I use.

Whatever the approach taken, the plain truth is there is considerable time and money being spent on social media marketing by businesses BUT in a whole bunch of such cases there is apparently no measurable Return On Investment (ROI).  This is what I constantly keep hearing from the many small and medium sized businesses I consult with.

I believe this essentially due to a lack of a:

  • Great social media marketing strategy

i.e. The SMM strategy perhaps being defined by someone who is not intimate with SM streams

  • Planned, consistent, sustained execution of the strategy
  • Checking Google analytics and tweaking the strategy as/when necessary

Social Media is really an excellent medium to engage with your audience.  Today social media marketing is being used as the perfect medium to drive down cost per lead in marketing campaigns.

With this as the backdrop, here are 9 social media things, which you should be doing which will ensure that you get a great ROI for you social media marketing efforts.

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9 Optimization Tips For Social Media Marketing

  • Use More Visuals
  • Create Content
  • Engage Users
  • Find Your Perfect Timing
  • Test Using Social Advertisements
  • Use Hashtags Right
  • Optimize Posts for Different Platforms
  • Post Less About Yourself
  • Master Mobile Marketing

1. Use More Visuals

Use More Visuals Image

 Humans are visual animals.  To that truth, let’s add the following statistics:
  • Pinterest’s valuation at $5 billion
  • Instagram’s at $35 billion
  • Tumblr’s $1.1 billion acquisition

This is a clear indication that the age of – Visual Marketing – is definitely upon us. The valuations of these visual sharing platforms speaks to us clearly and unambiguously about this.

Hence, it’s absolutely imperative that businesses make their presence felt in such media with visually superb, sharable content.

Even if you do not have a large creative team, why worry when there are many excellent, free, image creation products like Gimp, Canva, that can help make anyone a decent graphic designer.

2. Create Content

Create more content image

Great content has always been king for site visitors. Content marketing is here to stay.

Businesses must focus on creating shareable Blog posts, Info-graphics, downloadable White papers, run Webinars and so on to engage with their audience, educate and assist them every which way possible.  The content of the Posts, Info-graphics, White papers, EBooks and so on must be top notch.

Outbound marketing died a really long time ago. Today you cannot be pushing your products and services in people’s faces, BUT you’ve got to be educating your prospects on exactly how your products and services can make life a lot more comfortable for them.

Then you have to back that up by under promising and over delivering all the time.  Remember, your most successful competitor is doing exactly this.  Honestly, under promising and over delivering must be an overriding attitude which permeates across any/all members of your business entity.

Additionally, a well-planned and executed, content marketing strategy, provides the opportunity to use different keywords within site visitor content. Carefully chosen keywords, strategically blended, always helps boost your website ranking within search engine result pages.

3. Engage Users

Engage Users Image

Take a long hard look at the content you are delivering to your site visitors via your web pages.

Does the content:

  • Add value to the site visitor?
  • Talk to your site visitor in a friendly conversational manner?
  • Has an easy to navigate user interface?>
  • Allows a site visitor to find what they are looking for within one mouse click? (max two)
  • Permit the site visitor to get in touch quickly and easily?

You may be amazed at what you discover if you do a – Site visitor type audit – of your website. Some of the findings may shock you, unpleasantly. Fix that immediately.

Remember when you are engaging with and building a relationship with your target audience on specific social media streams you are really building a lasting relationship with your audience.  However, when they land on your website, if they find it an unfriendly one then all your social media marketing efforts get instantly nullified.

Engage with your target audience on social streams, interact with them quickly, flexibly and intelligently.  Let’s them feel that your site is one which cares about potential customers and conversions will happen, ROI for your SMM efforts will be measurable, customers will turn to advocates of the site.  That’s really where the magic begins.

4. Find Your Perfect Timing

Find the correct time image

There are several 3rd party tools such as HootSuite, Twellow and others that can tell you the time frame when your target audience is hanging out on various social medial streams.  This is obviously the very best time to send out your social media stream content.

Your social media content going to be seen.

If you send out content on any social media stream to try and engage with your target audience AND they are not on the stream at that moment in time, then your content is going to produce very little to no engagement.

Hence, choosing the right time to post your social stream content is as vital (if not more so) than crafting the correct content, i.e. content that reaches out and engages with your target audience.

Once you’ve got your social stream timings identified, there are a whole bunch of tools that will allow you to create your social stream post, queue it up within the tool, which in turn will deliver the queued content to the social stream only at the appointed time(s), i.e. social media content scheduling.

5. Test Using Social Advertisements

Test Using Social Advertisements Image

Social media advertising is very inexpensive when compared with any other form of conventional advertising such as Newspapers, Magazines, Radio, TV and so on.  Additionally, these ads can be finely tuned so they are displayed only to specific user demographics.

The social media streams that permit the display of ads to their users also offer pretty deep insights on how your targeted audience is engaging with your ads when they are being displayed to them.

From such insights you will be able to figure out whether:

  • Your Headline is arresting enough
  • Your ad visual makes the viewer pause to read the ad or not
  • Your ad content is engaging enough
  • Your Call-To-Action triggers the desired action or not

And so on

The granularity of the insights, delivered for free, by the social streams just cannot be matched by any process whatsoever in the more conventional methods of advertising.  This is the clincher for advertising via social media streams.

6. Use Hashtags Right

Use Hashtags Right Image

Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, Pinterest all support the use of hashtags. Hashtags are a great way to find information and people with similar interests, or even to rally behind social movements.

Having said all of that you must understand how to use hashtags correctly. Most of all #don’t #use #them #excessively.

7. Optimize Posts for Different Platforms


All social media streams are not created equal. Hence, the content that you post on Facebook will not work on Pinterest.

Each social stream has their own rules for Headline size (i.e. number of characters allowed in a headline), Image size, Content size and so on, Twitter / Facebook being a great examples of this.

Different styles of post content work on different social streams. Hence, posting on social streams is most definitely not a one post fits all streams. Pay careful attention to the social stream’s guidelines about what is the appropriate content structure for that social stream.

8. Post Less About Yourself

Post Less About Yourself Image

80% of the posts you release on various social media streams must engage with and add value to your audience. 20% (or less) of your posts can be about your products / services / business info.  This is the ball park ratio that determines whether your target audience will choose to engage with you at some level or simply avoid reading your post content.

What never fails to surprise me is that this content ratio is something that a very large number of businesses seem to be either ignorant about or deliberately ignore, which results in almost no ROI on the time and money spent on marketing on multiple social streams.  Let’s be honest, any kind of out bound marketing campaign run on a social media stream, must fail.

Your post content Headline, the supporting visual, post content, the Call-To-Action within the post content must somehow add value to OR help solve a reader’s problem.  These are the types of social stream posts that go viral.

That is really money in your bank.

9. Master Mobile Marketing

Master Mobile Marketing

A staggeringly huge number of people access their social media streams using a mobile device. It hardly matters whether you are a staunch Apple fan or you believe in Android.  Today the number of mobile devices accessing various social media streams far outnumber the desktops, laptops, notebooks and netbooks that do.

Your social media content drives people to your website.  Hence, having a website that does not offer a great user experience when accessed via a mobile device, (i.e. a tablet, or a smart phone) is pretty unwise.

It’s a great way of ensuring that your social media marketing efforts produces low or no ROI for the time and money put in. If your site’s hard to navigate on a phone, or tablet you are definitely losing sales and money.

If these 9 social media issues touched a chord with you, I’d really love to know. If you focus on a few more social media issues that have helped make a difference to your social media strategy, please share them with me and my Blog site visitors.  You will be making a difference, Thanks.

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